The Queen in the Cave – Review


It’s a story of three sisters who explore a nearby forest in pursuit of a dream. As they go deeper, the forest gets darker and its magical secrets come to life. Toads puff clouds of pink smoke and snails with rabbit masks slime by; the forest becomes a carnival, a festival, a parade, of giant drooping flowers and dark hanging vines—a fever dream of marching frogs and giant fish and an army of ants and cats, swarming under lilypads—where you can dance with a doppelgänger and hitch a ride on a rat. And everywhere, little flower-faced imps frolic, holding matches…

Stunning, stylish and slightly psychedelic, The Queen in the Cave is a riot of a book packed with smart little details to pore over. It’s one for kids and grown-ups too, a riveting and atmospheric picture book that will surprise and enthrall young readers and dreamers of all ages.


My goodness, the artwork in this picture book is absolutely stunning. I found the story so much fun. It felt like I was reading a classic fairytale. I think this book would be wonderful to read during the Fall, especially around October. Julia Sarda is a truly gifted storyteller, and I’m excited to see more of their work.


Rating: 5 out of 5.


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