Haru’s Curse – Manga Review


After Natsumi’s younger sister and best friend Haru dies at the age of 19, she begins dating Haru’s fiancee Togo – on the condition that he take her only to places he had taken her sister. Their relationship deepens as the seasons pass, but Haru’s curse lies between them…
Will there be happiness after Haru’s curse is broken?


Borrowed this one from my sister. I thought the story did a good job of showing how Haru’s memory severely impacted the relationships of those around her, especially how it deeply wounded her older sister Natsumi.
I found Natsumi had the best development throughout the story as we saw more of her internal thoughts versus Togo’s. Part of me wishes we got a little more from Togo’s perspective before the last bit of the manga, but overall I really enjoyed the story. 


Rating: 4 out of 5.

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