Parked – Review


Jeanne Ann is smart, stubborn, living in an orange van, and determined to find a permanent address before the start of seventh grade.

Cal is tall, sensitive, living in a humongous house across the street, and determined to save her.

Jeanne Ann is roughly as enthusiastic about his help as she is about living in a van.

As the two form a tentative friendship that grows deeper over alternating chapters, they’re buoyed by a cast of complex, oddball characters, who let them down, lift them up, and leave you cheering. Debut novelist Danielle Svetcov shines a light on a big problem without a ready answer, nailing heartbreak and hope, and pulling it off with a humor and warmth that make the funny parts of Jeanne Ann and Cal’s story cathartic and the difficult parts all the more moving. —Goodreads


I can’t tell you how much I love this book…like, when I say it’s one of my favourite reads, it is definitely in my top 5. I loved everything about it: the characters, the plot, the way it made me laugh and cry.
This is a book I want to share with everyone I know, young and old. There’s a charm to it that just captures your attention, and makes you want to sit with it for hours.
I can’t wait to read it again.

Cal, Jeanne Ann, Sandy, Bad Chuck (Nathan), they’re all such a fun cast of characters. This is one of those middle grade novels that can really get people thinking, especially about the importance of community and how libraries can be such a safe haven. I highly recommend checking out Parked, and I cannot wait to see what’s next from this author.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

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