Songs from Vermin

As promised, yesterday the EP Songs from Vermin released onto streaming platforms, along with the single Loneliness. I had so much fun recording all of these, and prepping them to release for my birthday.

Now readers can listen to the songs that appear in The Vermin Series before the sequels come out, which is so awesome.

Here’s a little background about the songs featured (I’ll try to avoid any major spoilers).

Wicked Boys

The song Wicked Boys on the EP is featured in the second novel, and in the world of the series is sung by two sisters named Dottie and Darla. It played a lot when Roland, Dianna, Peter and Charlotte were still in school. Roland actually plays the guitar arrangement in the series, and it’s Charlotte’s favourite song.

My Heart (Kem Herotse)

In the world of the series, Kem Herotse was originally written in Valdin Zunta, the language the vermin speak, but was translated by humans later on, and renamed My Heart. It’s a song that pops up here and there throughout the series. I also love this track because it allows folks to actually hear the language Nicholas speaks with his family and his pack.

Don’t Go Crying

In the series Don’t Go Crying is performed by Alana Token, a singer who was very popular when Roland was young. She performed in Tavern before he was born to celebrate the reopening of Doren Shipping, the company Roland’s father worked for. She disappeared from the public eye after rising to popularity, but her music is still loved to this day.

There are two versions of this song on the EP, one being more of a lullaby version than the original.

Tell the Postman

Another Alana Token song, and a favourite of Roland and his mother Adeline. He sings this to her in the first book, and if you’ve read book one, you’ll also notice that the song mentions Ferine, where Nicholas was born.

Bicycle Blues

This is my favourite song to sing and play out of the songs in the series! In the books it is performed by Tavern’s very own Georgie Bryce, and is based on his life. Although the lyrics are very sad, it’s a catchy tune that ended up being extremely popular with teenagers, especially Roland, who once dreamed of travelling and performing like Georgie with music of his own.

I hope you had fun learning a little bit about each of the songs. More is revealed about them, and how the related to the character’s throughout the books. I had a lot of fun creating music to them, and recording them. If you want to check out older posts about The Vermin Series, click one of the links below.

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The Last Song by Ardin Patterson

My latest track just released, you can listen to it on most streaming platforms. I had a lot of fun singing this one. It gave me old Paramore vibes.

This song like many others was written for my nieces doll’s band. Hope you like it!

More music comes out on Sunday (My Birthday!) so please check it out, especially the EP with songs from Vermin.

The Vermin Series Book 2: What You Need to Know

If you have yet to read book one in the series, I will do my best not to spoil anything with this post, and of course if you’d like to read it, you can find it here:

Thank you to those of you who have been so patient, waiting for the release date announcement. I don’t have that date just yet because things were delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, but I can say that we’ve settled on a title for the second installment of the series and…the test readers all came back with excellent feedback!

Honestly, I’m so excited for this book to release. I’ve been prepping another giveaway, and I’m definitely stoked about it. I’m also planning to do more in-person author events after the release, given that my schedule permits them. I had so much fun doing the one in Waterloo, and getting to chat with booklovers from across the region.

I’ll be revealing the name of the second book once we get the finalized cover art, but I’m really excited.

I’ve got a bunch of other projects on the go here, that I can’t wait to share.

In preparation for book two, and as a treat to those who’ve read the first novel in the series, I’ll be releasing my first full EP on Spotify, which is a collection of songs from the series. The Songs From Vermin EP will release this month on my birthday! I can’t wait to share it. I recorded a lot of these songs between 2019 and 2020. My favourite out of the set is Bicycle Blues, and I think once you hear it, you’ll know why.

Until further updates, and announcements come along I hope that you’ll check out my reviews, and hopefully find a new favourite book to add to your TBR!

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Songs from Vermin

As promised, yesterday the EP Songs from Vermin released onto streaming platforms, along with the single Loneliness. I had so much fun recording all of…

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polly Pocket: Adventure Studios Season 2 is Out Now!

“It’s time for the annual share fair at Littleton Middle School and Lila’s got a tough act to follow in the form of Kangaroo!”

Thank you so much to the team for sending this to me! I had so much fun this season, especially listening to the rest of the cast and getting to play off of one another. They’re all so amazing, and lovely and talented.

Nicholas’s “My talent” scene made me laugh so hard when I got the original script, and seeing it fully animated made my day.

I also love that the kangaroo and Lila are having like this Street Fighter style battle. Gosh…I love this season so much, there’s a lot of great stuff, and I can’t wait for the next episode.

Love Song – Ardin Patterson

Since it’s my birthday this month, I’ve got a lot of music scheduled to release. Most of these are songs that were written either last year, or during the middle of the pandemic.

Love Song is the newest track coming out after my cover of Edge of Seventeen, and T-Rex in a Toddlers Body. The songs releasing later this month are titled The Last Song (March 23rd), and Loneliness (March 26th). I will also be releasing an EP on March 26th, titled Songs from Vermin which features 5 songs from the novel series along with a bonus alternative version of one of the songs.

The Last Song and Loneliness, are both songs written based off and set in the world of my nieces dolls. Although they might not sound like it. I’d like to post a lyric video for each of them, and am hoping to have one ready to release for the same week of their release, but we’ll see. I just finished recording for a series, and have some other projects on the go here, so hopefully I can get something put together.

Loneliness is the most upbeat out of the tracks. I had a lot of fun recording that one. Hopefully you’ll like it! I get that one stuck in my head a lot.

Looking for more music? check out these songs.

Edge of Seventeen

I recorded this way back and finally decided to release it since it’s my birthday month. I actually recorded two versions of this song, one…

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Parked – Review


Jeanne Ann is smart, stubborn, living in an orange van, and determined to find a permanent address before the start of seventh grade.

Cal is tall, sensitive, living in a humongous house across the street, and determined to save her.

Jeanne Ann is roughly as enthusiastic about his help as she is about living in a van.

As the two form a tentative friendship that grows deeper over alternating chapters, they’re buoyed by a cast of complex, oddball characters, who let them down, lift them up, and leave you cheering. Debut novelist Danielle Svetcov shines a light on a big problem without a ready answer, nailing heartbreak and hope, and pulling it off with a humor and warmth that make the funny parts of Jeanne Ann and Cal’s story cathartic and the difficult parts all the more moving. —Goodreads


I can’t tell you how much I love this book…like, when I say it’s one of my favourite reads, it is definitely in my top 5. I loved everything about it: the characters, the plot, the way it made me laugh and cry.
This is a book I want to share with everyone I know, young and old. There’s a charm to it that just captures your attention, and makes you want to sit with it for hours.
I can’t wait to read it again.

Cal, Jeanne Ann, Sandy, Bad Chuck (Nathan), they’re all such a fun cast of characters. This is one of those middle grade novels that can really get people thinking, especially about the importance of community and how libraries can be such a safe haven. I highly recommend checking out Parked, and I cannot wait to see what’s next from this author.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Edge of Seventeen

I recorded this way back and finally decided to release it since it’s my birthday month. I actually recorded two versions of this song, one with the original lyrics and another with lyrics translated into the language used by the Vermins in my novel. I don’t think I’ve released that version yet, but I may sometime later this month.

I’ve got another track coming out on March 11th, called Love Song. Hope you’ll check it out!

All my songs are available on YouTube Music, Spotify, Apple Music and a bunch of other platforms.

Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet – Manga Review


Fumi Oono, second-year high-school student. Stuck with the debts of her father, she needs a job—fast. While she did indeed manage to find one as a housekeeper for THE Akatsuki Kibikino, it leaves much to be desired. After all, the novelist has a mean glare and an even worse attitude…And on top of that, she has to live with him?!  —Goodreads


So far I’ve read the first two volumes of this series, and I’ve really enjoyed it. Mika Yamamori is a fantastic storyteller, and artist! I would recommend this series to readers 16 and up as that is the official age rating for the series, but also because of the relationship currently building. I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but if this ends up like their last work, Daytime Shooting Star–which I’ll add is a great series, I just hated the main relationship (so many red flags)–then I wouldn’t personally want to recommend it to anyone younger than that.

Age gap relationships in manga are very common, especially in shojo, however as I’ve become an adult myself, I see what’s wrong with it. When I was in high school, I honestly didn’t think twice about series like Me and My Brother’s, or Dengeki Daisy. And although I still enjoyed these stories, the relationships in them and how they’re handled gives me major creep vibes. Especially in Me and My Brother’s…that’s a whole mess of things, that I don’t think I even want to unpack right now. Maybe I’ll reread it for a future blog post?

That aside, I’d rather readers were aware of this with my reviews before going into a series. Often times, especially in older series these types of relationships like a high school student and teacher (Daytime Shooting Star), are glamourized. Thankfully, I can say Daytime Shooting Star kind of flipped that trope on us partway through the series, but if you want to know more, and aren’t worried about spoilers I’ll leave a link to my review here: Daytime Shooting Star Series Review

Now, Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet…it is so cute! The artwork, the unreliable dad trope, the grumpy rival and hyped up best friend. I love that. I’m curious to see where the relationships go in this series, mainly because of how Daytime Shooting Star ended. Our leading lady, slowly starts crushing on her employer in this series by volume two, and I think it will be interesting to watch how this develops. I also just feel sorry for her. Her dad owes so much money, and she’s working to pay it off. It shouldn’t be a kids responsibility. I’d like to see her eventually having time to spend with friends outside of school. She’s a really funny, and engaging character to follow. I love the facial expressions she makes in certain panels!


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Both volumes one and two were rated five stars after I finished reading them! I’m excited to see where this series is headed, and can’t wait until volume three releases over here.

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Princess Frou Frou – Hailey and the Hero Hearts

Episode: A Slight Hiccup 💖


Hailey can’t stop blabbing and tells Aliya what Rebecca is getting her for her birthday. The Hero Heart sends them all to Princess Frou Frou’s castle (Hailey’s stuffed bear come alive). They meet Madame Glam, the makeup brush charged with putting on the princess’ makeup. She has hiccups that need fixing because every hiccup means another horrible streak on the queen’s face! The royal dehiccuppers can’t do their job because Blurt the trumpet keeps giving away the surprise from Jack (jack-in-the-box)! The team helps Blurt slow down when he’s excited and they restore trust on the dehiccupper team as the girls learn that trust is so important in a good team.

I was so excited watching this episode. I play a lot of other additional characters throughout the series (like kittens and marbles) but I had so much fun voicing Princess Frou Frou! We got to record this episode with all of the actors, in studio and let me tell you…it was an absolute blast getting to play off one another during our reads! I loved it so much, and I’m glad we’re back to recording like this again now that studios have opened up. Ensembles are so much fun, and I can’t wait to watch the rest of this series!

You can watch the earlier episodes on Epic Story Jr.