Character Collage & Playlist

Today has been pretty quiet. I’ve mainly been listening to music and brainstorming how to go about reworking some scenes in my novel.

I ended up seeing a clip from a 70s film set to music where this girl was running around in a field of flowers, and it made me think of one of my characters, so I found a picture of that and ended up making this little collage.

I may end up doing some character sketches and go through my sketchbooks so that I can compile a few images to my notes. I’ve been reviewing some timeline stuff with my series and noticed I accidentally input certain dates in correctly…so I had to fix that. Yikes.

Thankfully, I caught that during my edits. I was wondering why one particular date didn’t make sense to me. I’m looking into making a more organized version of this ASAP. I can’t stand how messy it is right now.

Character Collage #7

This character’s cheer up song is Bedroom by Move Forward, however I think his Training Montage song suits his collage best.

Like his younger sister, he’s still trying to figure out who he is and what his place is in a world that seems set up against him. He’s a fighter and isn’t afraid to do what he has to do to protect those he loves. He often worries about his younger siblings, and feels responsible for the situation he puts them in. The guilt weighs on him especially when his younger brother is separated from him and his sister.

He has little things that he does to rebel against the system, and those who created it and refuses to reject who he is and where he comes from in order to fit in. He would rather turn society on its head than let others decide his fate.

He’s quick to take responsibility for his actions, and also quick to throw hands when it comes to his younger siblings.

Character Collage #5

This character is a really good friend, despite being known as a flirt and not always being the most reliable. Despite being a fan of fun and being the life of the party, he genuinely wants what’s best for the people in his life.

He also feels like he constantly needs to watch out for his younger cousin, which he finds annoying since she and his best friend are constantly at one another’s throats.

He’s had several failed romances, but usually prefers things with no strings attached. He doesn’t think he’s ready to settle down, since he’s put his life on hold to help out his friend.

Old friends perfectly describes his relationship with his best friend, especially when they were younger. Even when he thinks something is a bad idea, he’ll go along with it for the fun of it…that is until things have gone too far.

In the original draft he had a different name, but my editor and I changed it because apparently the letter R was my favourite when I named my main characters. It wasn’t something I had thought of before, but now I’m more conscious about characters whose names sound too similar (especially key characters), as it can be confusing for the reader.

After changing his name, I actually picture him differently, which is strange to me…but I like his new name. I picked it after a favourite superhero of mine, that I’ve had a crush on since I was little.

Character Collage #3

This one was a little harder. Most of the inspiration images I have for this character are in my sketchbook.

For his cheer up song I have Gate of Expectancy.

This character loves socks. The more patterns the better. He’s pretty nifty with a needle, and puts colour stitches in his clothing since he’s constantly chewing holes into the sleeves and collars of his shirts. His grandmother taught him how to do embroidery when he was little.

He likes wearing his hair long and loves playing with small animals like frogs, rabbits and foxes. He’s always messing up his clothes and getting things in his hair and is a bit of a short fuse when it comes to his patience and temper (but he’s working on it). He’s also very hyper.

Character Collage #2

Choosing one song off this playlist is hard. There are too many really good ones! I have three for him…and I’m always forcing myself not to add too much to them. I think to keep things simple and consistent I’ll just share his cheer up song as well…which surprisingly isn’t a Ricky Nelson song, but a Nirvana song.

I didn’t plan or expect this one to have such a lack of colour…but I think it says a lot about his character.

He loves music and started taking piano lessons when he was very young. His older brother got him a guitar when he was a teenager, despite his parents protest. There are moments when he’s a bit fixated on death in the series. He doesn’t know how to deal with grief, nor has he really had time to grieve.

He feels guilty about how he acted when he was younger, and tries his best to be a proper “adult” but instead gets accused of being bland and boring by his niece and nephews. His niece especially, misses when he used to be goofy. The one habit he hasn’t managed to suppress is his spontaneity, which his friends consider reckless. He’s a leap before thinking type of person and isn’t as grown up as he likes to think he is.

Character Collage #1

I thought it would be fun to share some of my pins and songs off character playlists, so I decided to put together a few collage blog posts.

I love the song Dog and Butterfly for my character, it is definitely a song I could see her dancing or singing to in her free time. On my character playlist it is her Cheer Up Song. There are lots of other songs on the playlist as well, but I’ll share those a little later on.

angry it's a wonderful life GIF

She loves robins egg blue, wearing ribbons in her hair, reading stories about knights and horses, and sharing those stories with her friends.