Book Talk Episode 8: 2020 Writing Goals

I managed to plot out three novels. I want to have them all completed before quarantine is up (which may as well be December 2020 at this point). I think setting myself a specific time frame to complete them will motivate me more.

On top of this, I’m also trying to be more active and eat better.

Honestly, I felt a little weird making all of these goals for myself but it gives me something to look forward to that isn’t seeing friends and family or going to the movies or trying something new.

One of the books I plotted is another piece I started, and actually entered in a writing contest back in high school. I didn’t win but I took a chance on writing in a newer genre, and I was worried constantly about what others would think of me for writing something that was well…”creepy.” Now that I’m older, I’m ready to tackle it without fear of judgement from my peers or my family.

I love watching scary movies or horror series. My cousin is the only person I can watch them with because the rest of my family hates them. I don’t blame them for it though, I try not to watch things like that right before bed. However if it has ghosts or monsters, it doesn’t scare me all that much. Psychological thrillers on the other hand…I can’t watch those on my own.

The other two books are new. One being a sequel to my debut novel and the other a stand-alone story, which I wrote a few chapters for back in March.

I’m excited to work on all of these, especially ones where I’m revisiting favourite characters of mine. I love watching them grow and develop as the story progresses.