A Poem for Rose – Ardin Patterson

A Wide eyed,

Little snowbird is watching.

It’s head is twisting side to side.

Sweet songs it sings and quietly,

It lulls itself to sleep each night.

It watches the frost bitten

Flowers trace my windows.

It watches me brush my hair.

It watches me as I watch you,

With a peculiar sort of stare.

So I hide behind the curtains,

That we bought in robins egg blue

And when sunlight hits them

My room has shadows,

Just like you do.

Written November 30th, 2020 by Ardin Patterson.

Tomorrow is Rose’s birthday so I thought I’d write her a poem. It also started to snow, which made things very fitting. I think snow is pretty but I prefer all the colours of Fall. I do love all the decorations at this time of year though.

Come up with a tagline for your book (if you don’t already have one).

Haha, I’ve already created a tagline but I thought it would be fun to discuss how difficult it was when I first tried. It might seem silly but there is a lot that goes into the completion of a book. You spend all this time writing, drafting, creating characters, setting etc…and then you move into editing. Even beyond that there’s more to do. Synopsis’ for querying, author biographies and taglines.

When my book was accepted for publication I was thrilled! I’ve learned so much on my journey. I’ve learned my strengths and weaknesses as a writer, learned about being comfortable sharing my work with those outside of my immediate group and have grown to truly understand how much work I’ve put into not only this novel but into learning my craft.

I have learned to appreciate everything I read, every edit I make, the feedback I’m given, the amount of thought that goes into every decision being made. I’m truly grateful for it all. I’m learning and will continue to learn as I go…and to me that is absolutely incredible.

The tagline for this series is “some secrets are best left buried.” I think it fits but this may change closer to publication.

Tomorrow is my character Nicholas’ birthday! It’s also Halloween but he doesn’t care about that he just wants cake.

Nicholas is 14 in the first book but because it took me 7 years to work on he’d technically be 21 now. Ha! I can’t picture it. He’s such a hyper little bean. I call all my character’s beans…I feel like I adopted this from a friend I had in high school although I can’t remember who used to say that all the time?

Roland and Peter would be 31. Damn. I’d better hurry up with this edit so I can go back to editing the sequel!

Last year I spent NANOWRIMO writing book 2 in the series. This year I’ll be completing an 9-12 audiobook written by Jamaal Fridge, which I am very excited about! I’ve had so much fun recording it and I’m honoured that he reached out and asked me to voice his characters! I’ll definitely be sharing the link to that in the near future. Other than that I’ll be editing, working, baking and wrapping gifts.

I wonder what should give Nicholas for his birthday? If he did celebrate Halloween and attended a costume party, I think he’d go as a pirate. Captain Hook or Black Beard maybe?

What would your character dress up as?

Character Bookshelf (show us what types of books your character might enjoy reading).

Rose is the biggest reader of the group so I’ll be selecting books for her first. I think I’ll pick 3 per person.


  1. A Tale of Two Cities
  2. Building of Jalna
  3. Winnie-the-Pooh

Rose loves love stories and adventures. In one of the drawing prompts I did of her this month, she’s featured reading Building of Jalna. I think she’d have a fondness for Winnie-the-Pooh. I can definitely see her reading it with her little brothers.


  1. Frankenstein
  2. Great Expecations
  3. The Catcher in the Rye

Roland’s top pick would definitely be Frankenstein. I have a feeling he’d like reading a book about a scientist driven mad by his obsession to defeat death.

I also think he’d like Dicken’s like his niece. He’d probably enjoy reading about Pip in Great Expectations. Catcher in the Rye would also be on his bookshelf. He’d probably find himself drawn to Holden’s narration.


  1. The Big Sleep
  2. The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe
  3. The Little Prince

Peter seems like the type to get into a bunch of series. He’d take a liking to a character and want to follow them on their journey. I can seem him liking a character like Marlowe. He’d probably picture himself being in a detective novel himself. I can also see him being a big Narnia fan. Mainly because he’d like the whole fighting battles and going on an adventure part. Lastly, I think he’d have a fondness for The Little Prince. I think it would be one he goes back to read every once in a while from when he was younger.


  1. A Little Princess
  2. Emily of New Moon
  3. Northanger Abbey

Dianna is a person who doesn’t like to give up and I think she’d like books featuring character’s that despite their circumstances remain true to themselves and their goals. She’d love Sarah and Emily for that very reason.


  1. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
  2. Peter Pan
  3. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Nicholas is new to reading but he does love a good story. I think he would enjoy adventures about “far off places, daring sword fights, magic spells, a prince in disguise!”

If you can name the quote that film is from, you’re awesome!

Anyway, for that reason he’d probably really enjoy reading the Wizard of Oz series. I think he’d really enjoy the illustrations in it. He’s also think Neverland and Wonderland were interesting as well. I can picture him imagining these worlds and spending hours trying to recreate them in his sketchbook. He might also start quoting the character’s after a while.

Character Mood Playlist: Angry Vibes.

Someone isn’t very happy. Well, I guess that means it’s time for the ANGRY VIBES playlist.

Some character’s lose their cool a lot faster than others, so I’ll be selecting songs that reflect the few moments of rage each of them have.


#1: Let You Down

#2: O My Heart

#3: Ghost of Love

#4: Broken inside

#5: Coming Undone

Character Bedroom Board

I decided to choose Rose’s bedroom, since it’s only in a couple of scenes in the first book.

I’ve always pictured the room having softer blues. Definitely blue wallpaper. It’s her favourite colour, and she wears it often.

Rose has a fairly expansive wardrobe, which she loves to accessorize with ribbons. She has the ribbons organized on her vanity.

She also has a collection of books and stuffed animals around her bedroom. Her books sit on a shelf under her nightstand so that she can read them before she falls asleep.

Character Interview #4: Rose

Question 1: Where is your favourite place to be alone and why?

When it’s cold, the library. In the summer time I like to go to the creek. No one else goes there anymore. It’s a lot nicer than sitting in my room all the time.

Question 2: What is your favourite holiday?

I don’t think I have one. I find birthday’s incredibly fun though. It’s almost my friends birthday. He shares his with a holiday. I’m going to try making him a cake. I just hope my uncle doesn’t eat it before I can give it to him.

Question 3: Describe your family in 8 words.

  1. Warm
  2. Loving
  3. Small
  4. Pesky
  5. Hilarious
  6. Broken
  7. Adaptable
  8. Creative

Question 4: What is something that people make fun of you for?

Um…well sometimes the other kids at school say bad things about my uncle. I just ignore it though. I’m used to it…or well. I just try not to let it bother me.

Question 5: What is the most memorable untrue rumour that has ever been spread about you?

About me? I doubt anyone cares enough. Well I guess everyone at school assumes that Thompson and I are dating but I wouldn’t really call that a rumour and…it isn’t exactly untrue. What I mean is that we have been on a date but we aren’t dating. At least I don’t think we are.

Question 6: Do you have any nicknames? If so which is your favourite and which ones do you hate?

My uncle calls me Flower. It’s such a horrible nickname…but my mother did name me after one. I don’t hate it but it’s a little embarrassing.

Question 7: What are 3 things that you would never do?

  1. Kiss Thompson.
  2. Sleep outside at night.
  3. Go into the basement. It’s awfully dark and smells funny.

Question 8: What’s been on your mind lately?

My friend. He’s very sick…I’m scared he’s going to die.

Question 9: What is your favourite season and why?

I love winter. My birthday’s in the winter. I’m usually sad in the summertime. My parents passed away in the summer….

Question 10: What do you want to be remembered for?

I’m not sure yet. I don’t even know what I want to be when I grow up! I do like stories though. Maybe I’ll become the worlds greatest storyteller or have my own bookshop or a library? That would be so, so lovely.

Write a brief scene between your character and someone they admire.

He used to tell stories, but something changed. She wasn’t sure if his laughter faded when the bullets struck or when his unsteady fingers stopped tracing the black and white keys of his piano. She listened to his deep sighs, slurred words, the way his feet shuffled; his head flopping against the pillow in the early hours of the morning when he finally returned home from places he never spoke about.

He never seemed like a grown up but now he seemed small and distant. His tired eyes, wincing with every breath as he forced himself up out of bed and helped her and her brother get ready for school. She noted how his face tensed up every time the baby cried. How he rested his head in his hands while his mother lectured him about his late nights, his messy hair, the harshness in his voice.

She thought back to when his voice was gentle like her father’s. Like tea and honey. When he’d call her “Flower” and sing silly songs to her while they baked pies together or when they would play follow the leader.

Everything changed that night. No matter how many wishes she made at the creek where they used to play, her uncle remained lost like her mother and father.

A Poem for Dianna – Ardin Patterson

We met in the Fall,

When the leaves nearly matched the colour of your pigtails.

You wore them the same way:

Some days braiding them up like ropes

Others tying them up with ribbons.

Even the cloth you draped yourself in, allowed you to camouflage

Among the apple trees in your front yard.

Passing your house was a thrill,

Knowing at any moment you’d leap from above to walk alongside me,

Apple in hand.

Fall was beautiful and your smile was warm against the coming winter’s chill.

I would have done anything to make you laugh

Yet we butt heads more often than we anticipated.

You were up and I was down,

You were Fall and I was sinking in a frozen sea

Losing sight of you and your reds and greens

And the constellations on your skin.

You ran and I chased you, the way children do

When they play

And I suppose we were children then

But we aren’t now

And I know I can never catch you or make you stay.

Like leaves, we were bound to change.

Written September 27th, 2020 by Ardin Patterson.

I wrote this poem from Roland’s perspective. I think writing poems and songs for or “by” my character’s is one of my favourite exercises. Each of them has their own voice and I find that this really helps me understand them and their motivations better.

I’ve been doing character themed poetry since I was 13…so I guess for 11 years now. I love going back and reading them. Have you ever written a poem or a song based on a character (your own or fanmade).

Character Outfit Board: Date night

Ooh la la. A date?

Roland hasn’t been on a date in five years. His niece goes on more dates than he does.

The other day I somehow managed to get him in a suit. He’ll wear them but he prefers sweaters.

Dianna also dresses fairly casual but she cleans up a lot better than he does haha. Her cousin Peter on the other hand goes on lots of dates and tends to put himself together nicely.

I selected some photos from my pinterest board for this one. Different types of dates, different outfits, different seasons. I of course had to include the classic milkshake date image. It isn’t a real date without a milkshake!

Haha well actually, I myself have never had a milkshake on a date. I should add that to one of my list of things to do after the pandemic. I wouldn’t want to be sharing a milkshake with anyone right now…

Actually I don’t really like sharing drinks at all…but I suppose if I get my own straw it isn’t that horrible.