Character Outfit Board: Date night

Ooh la la. A date?

Roland hasn’t been on a date in five years. His niece goes on more dates than he does.

The other day I somehow managed to get him in a suit. He’ll wear them but he prefers sweaters.

Dianna also dresses fairly casual but she cleans up a lot better than he does haha. Her cousin Peter on the other hand goes on lots of dates and tends to put himself together nicely.

I selected some photos from my pinterest board for this one. Different types of dates, different outfits, different seasons. I of course had to include the classic milkshake date image. It isn’t a real date without a milkshake!

Haha well actually, I myself have never had a milkshake on a date. I should add that to one of my list of things to do after the pandemic. I wouldn’t want to be sharing a milkshake with anyone right now…

Actually I don’t really like sharing drinks at all…but I suppose if I get my own straw it isn’t that horrible.

Character Outfit Board: Formal

Today’s prompt was to create a collection of formal wear that my character’s might wear. If you’re also following my drawing prompts on Instagram, I’m a few posts behind due to work. I’ll be back to posting regularly this week!

The taffeta skirt being worn by the girl on the right, is worn by one of my character’s in the novel (only in a different colour). I often like to look at images like these when I draw or plan outfits, so that I can create a wardrobe for each of my character’s. This is something that I find helpful to go back to and reference when creating a particular scene or describing something on a person. For example, in the book Rose always has a ribbon in her hair (sometimes more than one!). It’s her favourite accessory and at times even acts as an extension of her personality. I may not spend a lot of time describing her hair but instead the colour of the ribbon and what’s being done to it during a certain scene.

It’s always nice to find certain clothing items in colour. This being from the 1940s film Leave Her to Heaven. The red lipstick is such a pretty shade.

I also love putting Rose in softer shades of blue…almost a robins egg colour. There are many times where she’s not wearing the colour in the novel but she has a few dresses in this colour. I actually think the dress on the right here is absolutely gorgeous.

I could probably spend all day talking about different clothes and which styles my character’s prefer. I’m not a style expert or anything, I just like to dress them up in different outfits. It’s also a lot of fun looking through photos and film archives. I think there are a few pieces here I’d love to add to my wardrobe someday haha.