What was your character like as a child?

As a child Roland was charming. Greeted the staff with a warm smile, remembered his manners and mostly kept to his room, which he helped tidy when asked as it rarely ever was tidy.

The little boy practically lived in his room, only leaving when he was well enough or when he was too sick to be cared for at home.

On good days he’d follow his older brother around the house, eager for some attention. His brother spoiled him. Sometimes even paying Roland in candy so he could get a moments peace.

Roland adored candy. From licorice to chocolates.

His father kept some in his office on his desk, a silly place to keep candy with sneaky little hands around.

Roland would hide a top the stairs and peer through the railing, until his father left the office to join his mother for their morning coffee. Then he’d very quietly, like a mouse, sneak down the steps and into the room. He was always careful to remove the lid from the candy tin. Then he’d reach in for one, although he somehow ended up with two pockets full.

His father knew. He’d seen the candy wrappers beneath the little boys bed, as did everyone else, but he allowed Roland to play his game and refilled the tin later in the day.

Oh No! I Messed Up My Prompt for the 9th!

Today I was supposed to write a song about one of my character’s, which I did haha and am debating on sharing it today. I’m thinking that I’ll probably redo the recording of the song and post that later this weekend.

I suppose in the meantime I’ll share the rough version I did today. I warn it is very rough! It’s also in two languages…English and the language some of my character’s speak in the series. I will be sure not to sing and record while half awake next time haha.

Okay so apparently I can’t upload it on here right now…so I’ll be posting it to Soundcloud temporarily! I’ll replace it with a better version on YouTube.

Oh…so I have no more space on Soundcloud. Uh…

Well um…this isn’t going as planned. I was supposed to post this at 10 am to begin with but I was at work. Err…Um…change of plan.

I will post the song tomorrow once I get everything sorted. Sorry about that! In the meantime I’ll be completing my drawing for the day, which you can watch on my Instagram @ardinpatterson. I’ll also save it to my story.

OC-tober Prompts for Blogging and Drawing!

For the month of October I wanted to start introducing my character’s. So on my instagram since it’s #drawtober I’ve decided that for 31 days I’ll be drawing my characters using a variety of prompts. Yesterday’s drawing wasn’t one that I really thought through. I ended up drawing something completely different that I’d initially planned, however going forward I’ll be sticking to my schedule.

I’ll also be doing a blog prompt OC-tober as well! You’re welcome to participate. I’d love to check your your posts, so be sure to leave links to them in the comments for me!

I’m very excited about this and I’m looking forward to taking a bit of time each day to do something creative.

Anyway, here are my prompts! The first list is for drawing and the second is for blogging (or vlogging, whichever your prefer).


  1. Your OC

2. With a pumpkins

3. On their day off

4. Reading a book

5. With their best friend/squad

6. Eating their favourite food

7. With their family

8. As a toddler

9. Saying their catchphrase

10. Enjoying their favourite drink

11. In Love

12. As a villain

13. In mourning

14. Playing an instrument

15. In their happy place

16. As a student

17. Getting ready for bed

18. With their least favourite person

19. Scared

20. Being mischievous

21. Trying something new

22. At a Fall formal

23. Lost in the woods

24. With a black cat

25. Meeting a ghost

26. Singing their favourite song

27. As your favourite TV/movie character

28. Doing something crazy

29. In their favourite outfit

30. In a fun costume

31. At a party

As for my blog posts. I’ve decided to use some different prompts.


  1. Novel Inspo board.
  2. Create character interview questions
  3. Character Mood Playlist: Chill Vibes
  4. Character Outfit Board: Fall
  5. Interview a character
  6. Write a poem about your character
  7. Describe one of your favourite moments in the book
  8. Which authors inspire you?
  9. Write a song about your character
  10. Interview another character
  11. What is your writing process like?
  12. Character Mood Playlist: Sad Vibes/What is your character thankful for?
  13. Character Outfit Board: Formal
  14. What is your favourite scene in the book?
  15. What are your top 5 quotes from your book?
  16. Interview another character
  17. Describe an average day in the life of your character
  18. Character Menu: If your character had a restaurant what would they serve?
  19. Do the 16 personalities quiz as one of your characters. Tell us the results!
  20. Character Mood Playlist: Romantic Vibes
  21. What was your character like as a child (if they’re a child what will they be like as an adult?)
  22. Who is the biggest influence in your character’s life and why?
  23. Character Outfit Board: Date night
  24. Write a brief scene between your character and someone they admire.
  25. Write a brief scene between your character and someone who hurt them.
  26. Interview another character.
  27. Character Mood Playlist: Angry Vibes.
  28. Character Bedroom Board (show us how your character would decorate their personal space).
  29. Character Bookshelf (show us what types of books your character might enjoy reading).
  30. Come up with a tagline for your book (if you don’t already have one).
  31. Create a Chapter Playlist and describe what your character might be doing today!