It’s Friday

This weekend I’m planning on reorganizing my bookshelves to make space for my author copies of Vermin. I’m very excited to see them and hold them and flip through them, and see the final product of all my hard work, especially since I’ve been writing and editing the sequel.

I’ve got to go record before I head out this morning, so this post will probably be short, as I need to get setup in the studio in a couple of minutes, but I’m hoping to complete everything on my to-do-list this weekend and hopefully have some time to relax.

I find that my writing and drafting has become much faster now that book one has been published. I’ve gotten so much completed in the sequel, along with in another separate novel and I’m surprised at how quickly I’ve been making progress on these projects. I think it’s due to jumping out of edits, and back into writing. I’m more aware of what decisions I’m making and am taking the time to think things over before putting it on the page, which I’ve personally found helpful.

I’ve got to go record…I’m also going to be thinking of a game plan for my shelf reorganization. Not sure exactly where to start with them, but it’ll definitely take me an hour or two.

Then I Woke Up and New Music Coming Soon!


I know I’ve posted a lot lately haha. I’ve just been trying to update all of my stuff. I’m really proud of this recording because I’ve been trying really hard to get better at singing and playing the guitar at the same time (multitasking can be hard sometimes!).

I think my guitar teacher would be proud! I miss going to guitar classes…and recording things in person but physical distancing means keeping the people in my life safe and healthy.

I think I was about twelve or thirteen when I first heard this song. It was originally performed by The Clique Girlz. I don’t know what it was about their music, maybe it was that they were around the same age as me, but I connected with them. This song especially. Although I don’t mind babysitting. I’m pretty crafty and I already watch cartoons.

Anyway, I recorded a bunch of original music that I’m really excited to share with you in the near future. I’m also extremely excited because my sister @nuggiedraws is letting me use her artwork for the tracks! You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

I wonder if I can convince my sister to record a track with me? We haven’t made up a silly song together in what seems like ages!

Then I Woke Up

When I was younger this was one of my favourite songs. I ended up recording it during a vocal warm up in my booth before an audition. I’m kind of glad I recorded this because I think this acoustic version of the original song gives it a totally different feel. I also just had fun singing a song I used to sing back when I was like 12 or 13…I feel a little old now but my middle school playlist seriously brings back memories haha (good and bad).

What’s a song you loved to listen to when you were younger?

Back in the Studio

Yesterday was my first day back in the studio!

It was weird not having everyone around, but everything went smoothly and we had a great recording session.

I got to see the animatic for the show, which was absolutely fantastic. I hadn’t seen any concept art for my character prior to that, so when I saw her I instantly fell in love! She looked exactly as I imagined!

I really missed going in and recording versus being on my own at home. It was nice having a change of scenery.

Writing Update – 15k Words!

I have reached a little over 15,000 words. I’d like to hit 20,000 by the end of the day.

I should probably note that…I haven’t eaten all day. Bad plan. I’ll definitely take a break and eat dinner in an hour or so. I didn’t realize I was hungry until I got an email regarding work.

I’ve been trying to wait for the ten people in my neighbourhood to stop mowing their lawns, so that I can do some recording. The show I’m in (it’s a puppet show), was supposed to be performed for Mother’s Day but obviously didn’t happen, so lines are being recorded remotely and my director is going to try and put the performance online. I’m excited to see it.

I’m curious about the animation I completed back at the end of 2019. I’m really excited for its release but I have a feeling its been delayed because of Covid. I really miss the cast and crew from that. Everyone at that studio is super nice and sweet (plus there’s this restaurant next door with amazing smoothies).

I really, really miss recording.

Sorry for that random little tidbit, back to my writing update!

So I’m a little over 15,000 words now and I told myself that today I’d reach my halfway point. If my goal was 30,000 that would be great, but it’s not, so I’ve still got a lot of work ahead of me. I’m writing something that’s a bit new for me…especially in terms of some of the subject matter, but I am proud to say that I’m connecting with my characters now! I was worried during my last writing session, but now I feel like I’ve found their voices. I may have to go back to early chapters and fix some things when I edit, but that is what editing is for. Right now, all I want to do is write to my hearts content.

Of course I have to record for this play, so I’ll need to warm up my voice for that and go do my takes. Hopefully I can do this soon. I don’t eat certain things before recording (like dairy or spicy food).

Hopefully I get to 20,000 words by the end of the day!