Books You Should Read if Rose Is Your Favourite Character

Something you might’ve noticed is that almost all of these books fall under romance. Rose is a romantic at heart, and adores books with romance, animals or adventures. She’d most likely be a big fan of stories like Pippi Longstocking, Black Beauty, and Little Women. If she was into manga/anime, I’d say she would definitely be a fan of series like Yona of the Dawn or Love Me, Love Me Not.

Something of hers that I wish I had, is her attic library. It’s so cozy up there, and she has books that were collected first by her grandparents, then her father and uncle, and now a collection of her own. I love finding books that belonged to my family members and reading them…plus old books have this gentle…almost calming scent and feel to them, and that connection to books is something I definitely share with her character.

If you could recommend a book to one of your favourite characters from the series, which would it be?

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Rose’s Playlist

Rose’s playlist has a lot of really cute, warm fuzzy type songs, mixed in with some sassier bops both of which are extremely hard not to sing along to.

Her playlist isn’t as long as her uncles, but it’s been catching up while I’ve been editing and re-reading book two.

Not the Girl by Annabel Gutherz is such a fun song. I fell in love with it instantly, and Annabel is an incredibly sweet, human so I highly recommend checking out the rest of her music! This song specifically made me think of Rose and Thompson haha.

Rose is such an adorable bean. The song Eighteen makes me cry, but I also love that it’s on her playlist.