Brief Update

This is just a brief update on where I’m at with my editing and my journal that I’m using to reorganize my novel information.

If you watched my latest vlog, you’ll know that I recently went out to get a journal (that’s super cute by the way), to help me reorganize all of my novel information into an easy…reference book…yah, that’s basically what it is.

While editing I was finding it tedious to keep having to search for all of these files, some dating back to like 2013 to double check information about the world and characters, or to just answer one of my editors questions.

I made very detailed notes on the world of my novel as I went along over the years, which I’m thankful for because when I need it, I have it…but it’s annoying having to search through all these files trying to find exactly what I want. So I categorized it all, as you’ll see in the video.

Since I recorded the video, I’ve been working from my studio or editing for others, along with hanging out with my niece for the first time in forever. Which was really nice, and I’m glad that we got to chill. However, I was far too tired to work on anything else, so I decided to that I would jump back into editing this week. It’s now Tuesday.

So far I haven’t done any editing for myself, mainly because work carried over from last week that needed to be done. I also made the mistake of staying up far too late last night, so now I’m trying to force myself to stay up past 8pm, so that my sleep schedule doesn’t get thrown off.

I did some sketching earlier of a few ideas I had and also looked over some of my notes, once I submitted my work, but I haven’t done any edits today. I’m planning on jumping into it tomorrow, so that I can spend time organizing the reference book, although I still have lots of other things that need to get done.

Honestly, 2020 makes me hate being on the computer sometimes. I never thought I’d spend this much time on social media…ever. Luckily I got a new book to read, so I’ll be able to enjoy that when I need a break from screens.

I really enjoy editing and have a habit of launching myself into it for several hours without breaks…so I’m trying to at least create some sort of routine for myself, where I edit after lunch. I prefer to do my other work in the morning, like recording and such and usually aim to complete it by 2:30 the latest, depending on what it is.

I’m hoping to have the reference journal complete by the end of the week, but I’m also not going to rush through everything. I want to take my time, look over my editors feedback, start a conversation about certain sections that we feel need work and really enjoy the experience.

The journal is a bit hard to see in this image.

It’s probably easier to look at in the vlog, but I really like the colour. I scoped it out back in November, really liked it and when I saw that it was still at the store, I bought it.

It was such a great deal too. Plus there’s a tiny rocket ship.

Normally I’d pick a journal that actually reflects the novel I’m writing, but I wanted the one with the teeny tiny rocket. I just like doodling teeny tiny rockets…so…that’s basically why.

Anywho, I’ll be ending this blog post here, I just wanted to do a little update…and also felt the need to write something. I’ve been missing writing…but editing is its own thing, and each stage of this process is definitely worth it.

Book Talk Episode 12: Novel and Editing Updates

I am happy to announce that my editor and I are now on our third round of edits for my debut novel!

I am so excited! She does such a great job of explaining the process to me, and it is so reassuring.

She made list of words that I overuse throughout the book, so that I can go through and replace them with stronger alternatives. Which I’m extremely grateful for, because I was noticing while editing book 2 in this series that there were a lot of words that I seemed a little too…comfortable with.

Editing definitely isn’t easy. I enjoy it, because I find it…fun? I’m weird okay? Regardless, it can become exhausting.

I’m going to make sure I go through all of her notes carefully and with an open mind.

I like getting feedback, and I know that whatever notes she’s given me are ultimately there to help me improve as a writer and to make my work stronger.

Well, I’m looking forward to what she has to say, and to complete the tasks she’s given me. I’ll do my best, and I already have my water bottle filled up and ready to go (stay hydrated!).

Time to roll up my sleeves and put my editing hat back on.

Wish me luck!

Progress Update – 23007 words

I’ve been distracted lately, by everything that has been going on…and it is taking my a little longer to write this novel than I had intended, however, I would say that given the circumstances, I am doing fairly well.

I have reached 23007 words, and although I don’t really enjoy fixating so much on the word count, I have found that tracking it does motivate me.

My chapters seem to be coming along nicely, and it has been nice to have a project to work on amidst all this chaos…there needs to be some type of order I suppose. I may do some art later as well to help…relieve some stress. I’ve been working out a lot this week because it helps me clear my head.

I forgot how good it felt to have my feet slam against the pavement when I would run. All of my stress and frustration or anxiety would disappear with each step. I haven’t been for a run unfortunately, but working out at home is just as effective as it would be to go out.

Today my sister and I decided to go to one of our favourite bakeries and get donuts for our friend and her family. We haven’t seen them since the quarantine took effect, and decided it would be nice to go and drop something off.

It is hard with everything going on…but to see our friends speaking out against all of this injustice and the protest in our community, has been a nice reminder that others do care, and they aren’t going to sit by and watch anymore.

The amount of friends who reached out and said, “I love you and I’m listening” has touched my heart to the point where whenever I think about it I tear up. I guess I’m a bit of a cry baby sometimes…but it is nice to be told you’re loved and I wish I said it to my friends more often, because they mean a lot to me.

I guess I’m the type of person who, although I can spend much of my time on my own, I love to hang out with my friends and family. I’ve missed recording at studios and going to the bookstore and drawing with friends or playing games together. I miss just talking about nothing, and thinking of ways to make them smile.

Unfortunately we still have a ways to go before we can do that again.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to muster up the energy to create in a world that seems to be falling apart…if that is what calms me, and if it provides a sense of safety and security…then I suppose it will do until I order pizzas with my friends again and play video games.

End of the Day Writing Update – 12,456 words.

I don’t think today was a great writing day…in fact the day itself was difficult. Yes, I reached my goal but my mind is so distracted by all of the horror I’ve seen in the last 48 hours.

There is so much grief across our world right now, the air practically wreaks of death, and for once we didn’t cover it up and wrap a pretty ribbon around it. How could we, when within 48 hours the blindfolds have been ripped from our eyes?

We need to do better.

I don’t want to hear anymore of this “try” nonsense. There is no excuse for the cruelty, and sickness of it all.

Yesterday I thought I wanted to vomit, and today I am livid.

I managed to write. I tried to focus…God I tried to focus, but my hands would literally start shaking. I cannot express to you how…how frustrated this makes me.

This isn’t right. This isn’t just.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, take a breath and try to collect your thoughts. It’s okay to feel upset or angry. It is okay to feel this way…but you need to be sure you are checking in with yourself, and making sure that when these sorts of overwhelming emotions arise, that you are taking the time to care for yourself.

I’m the type of person who doesn’t like to go to sleep while I’m upset, but I’m struggling to write this new chapter because my mind is focused on more pressing matters. That is okay. I’m not going to beat myself up for something like that.

I tried writing a piece describing these emotions I was feeling…because I…I really don’t know what to…honestly I’m speechless.

I’m praying tomorrow will be a better day for us all….

I’m going to drink some water…maybe have a cup of tea, and watch something fun on YouTube. Something that will hopefully, lift my spirits a little bit. I know distractions don’t always help, but it is hard for me to be creative when my heart is…is just crying out like this.

We have to do better.

Quick Writing Update

I am currently challenging myself to write as much as possible with a deadline in mind. To be completely honest, I’ve spent most of my writing time procrastinating and or working on world building.

I’m hoping that perhaps writing a blog post will get me into the mood to write. I’ve tried everything else…and no it isn’t writers block, it’s just sheer procrastination.

I tried writing outside for a change of atmosphere, I tried doing simple sketches of my characters, I tried pacing around my room for an hour, I tried going for a drive, I tried doodling on my plot outline…and I’ve only managed to write one page.

Now, one the plus side, I have done a lot of good character and world building today. I’m proud of what I accomplished there…but I’m still a bit frustrated by the lack of actual writing I’ve done.

I think I’ve just been in editing mode for so long, that when I decided to take a break from that and work on something else, my mind went, “Wait…what?”

It’s also possible I may have burned myself out last night, by editing until two in the morning.

I’m determined to at least finish the rest of this scene before I go to sleep tonight. I set a goal for myself and I intend to reach it. Besides, I know once I get in the zone, I’ll be fine. I’m just need to get back into writing mode.

Editing Update

This week I’ve been reworking the first draft of my novel. It is the second book in my debut series, and I’m very excited about how the edits are coming a lot.

I decided to cut a lot out of the subplot and to reserve some of it for the following book. Cutting things out isn’t easy and definitely isn’t as fun as writing but it is necessary. So far I’m pleased with my progress though.

Aside from cutting out parts, I’ve reworked and added in new scenes and chapters. I’ve also merged others because I felt that it would enhance the overall flow of the story.

I do like to build up to events and things…which I’m not sure if its necessarily a good or a bad thing…but I always have to make sure I’m double checking that the pacing isn’t too slow or too fast.

I think of pacing my writing like music. Each scene flows according to the emotions ajd information being delivered, and each character has their part to play.

I’m excited to finish this round of edits and work on my first full read through edit!

How is your WIP (work in progress) going this week?