Brief Update

This is just a brief update on where I’m at with my editing and my journal that I’m using to reorganize my novel information.

If you watched my latest vlog, you’ll know that I recently went out to get a journal (that’s super cute by the way), to help me reorganize all of my novel information into an easy…reference book…yah, that’s basically what it is.

While editing I was finding it tedious to keep having to search for all of these files, some dating back to like 2013 to double check information about the world and characters, or to just answer one of my editors questions.

I made very detailed notes on the world of my novel as I went along over the years, which I’m thankful for because when I need it, I have it…but it’s annoying having to search through all these files trying to find exactly what I want. So I categorized it all, as you’ll see in the video.

Since I recorded the video, I’ve been working from my studio or editing for others, along with hanging out with my niece for the first time in forever. Which was really nice, and I’m glad that we got to chill. However, I was far too tired to work on anything else, so I decided to that I would jump back into editing this week. It’s now Tuesday.

So far I haven’t done any editing for myself, mainly because work carried over from last week that needed to be done. I also made the mistake of staying up far too late last night, so now I’m trying to force myself to stay up past 8pm, so that my sleep schedule doesn’t get thrown off.

I did some sketching earlier of a few ideas I had and also looked over some of my notes, once I submitted my work, but I haven’t done any edits today. I’m planning on jumping into it tomorrow, so that I can spend time organizing the reference book, although I still have lots of other things that need to get done.

Honestly, 2020 makes me hate being on the computer sometimes. I never thought I’d spend this much time on social media…ever. Luckily I got a new book to read, so I’ll be able to enjoy that when I need a break from screens.

I really enjoy editing and have a habit of launching myself into it for several hours without breaks…so I’m trying to at least create some sort of routine for myself, where I edit after lunch. I prefer to do my other work in the morning, like recording and such and usually aim to complete it by 2:30 the latest, depending on what it is.

I’m hoping to have the reference journal complete by the end of the week, but I’m also not going to rush through everything. I want to take my time, look over my editors feedback, start a conversation about certain sections that we feel need work and really enjoy the experience.

The journal is a bit hard to see in this image.

It’s probably easier to look at in the vlog, but I really like the colour. I scoped it out back in November, really liked it and when I saw that it was still at the store, I bought it.

It was such a great deal too. Plus there’s a tiny rocket ship.

Normally I’d pick a journal that actually reflects the novel I’m writing, but I wanted the one with the teeny tiny rocket. I just like doodling teeny tiny rockets…so…that’s basically why.

Anywho, I’ll be ending this blog post here, I just wanted to do a little update…and also felt the need to write something. I’ve been missing writing…but editing is its own thing, and each stage of this process is definitely worth it.

Book Talk Episode 16: Still Editing!

Editing is a lot of work. I actually think it might be more work than it was to write the novel, however I’m looking at all the positives that come out of receiving feedback on my work. It is helping me grow as a writer.

The scenes that I’m reworking with my editor, are stronger because of her insight and suggestions. She noticed things that I completely looked over (or forgot about).

I’ve been recording videos of the process, because I want to have something to look back on after this process is over. I’ve never made a vlog before, but I figure it’s not much different than a diary. Those also require editing, but it forces me to take a break when I get stuck editing my novel.

I’m getting more excited about having others read my book, especially my family and friends. It’s been seven years since I started writing this novel. I’ve never spent so long writing something, but life happened and there were periods that I had to set it aside for a few months at a time, especially while I was in university. I finished drafting it near the end of my third year and by the 4th I typed everything up and started tweaking things.

I like to take my time editing, and I’m also planning on getting some things to keep myself organized. That way, when I’m editing the other books in the series, I have something to refer to. I’ll try and show that on my vlog (and here on the blog). I’m hoping it works, but even if it isn’t as helpful as I’d like, at least I tried.

Well, I’d better get back to work! I also have recordings to edit today, so I’m trying to manage my time the best I can.

🌼Weekend Writing Vlog🌼

A little longer than my last vlog. I’ve had a pretty eventful weekend so far and made a lot of progress. Today, I have to clean up a little more in my studio. After that I’ll be doing some work there before I edit.