polly Pocket: Adventure Studios Season 2 is Out Now!

“It’s time for the annual share fair at Littleton Middle School and Lila’s got a tough act to follow in the form of Kangaroo!”

Thank you so much to the team for sending this to me! I had so much fun this season, especially listening to the rest of the cast and getting to play off of one another. They’re all so amazing, and lovely and talented.

Nicholas’s “My talent” scene made me laugh so hard when I got the original script, and seeing it fully animated made my day.

I also love that the kangaroo and Lila are having like this Street Fighter style battle. Gosh…I love this season so much, there’s a lot of great stuff, and I can’t wait for the next episode.

Margot Returns! – And is as Stylish as Ever!

I’m thrilled to announce that Margot is coming back to Polly Pocket. I love this character so much, and I’m super excited to voice her again.

This time Margot will be appearing in Polly Pocket Adventure Lab, which will air weekly on YouTube.

Thank you Mattel for having Margot make a return. I’ve had so much fun discussing this character with the studio and team at Mattel, and I absolutely adore her designs.

Having the opportunity to be apart of a toy brand that literally consumed my childhood is so much fun! I got my very first Polly Pocket when I was in Kindergarten. She was a ballerina, because at the time I was taking ballet classes, and she came with so many beautiful outfits. I loved playing with her in my sandbox but one day I lost her! To say that I was devastated would be an understatement. My little sister and I searched and searched for what felt like years. My heart was broken. Then one day, while playing with our friend wormy, who was a real worm that I’d pick up and liked to watch wiggle around on my shovel, I noticed something purple sticking out from underneath the sand. IT WAS POLLY! She’d been in the sandbox all along! Her hair had gotten damaged, and her eyes faded from being scratched by the sand, her arms and legs were a little wobbly, but she was back!

I still have that Polly Pocket 20 odd years later, and I absolutely adore her. There’s just something special about connecting with a favourite toy.

Losing her in the sandbox of course, wasn’t as bad as the time my sister and I begged our brother to climb up onto the roof to save our troll doll, who we tied to a skipping rope and were making fly around…until we whipped the skipping rope so hard we let go, and Mr. Troll flew up, up, up onto the roof. I still have him as well. He used to be very sneaky and would try and steal things from Polly and her sisters bakery. He also stole her car once! He was a really bad troll, but he had pink hair and a really cool green jacket, so I loved him. I think he’s the only troll doll I have left. I used to have one with pink skin, and two from the Trollz fashion doll series that my sister and I were obsessed with. Does anyone remember Trollbucks?

To this day I still absolutely love dolls. I love collecting them, finding and making doll sized accessories and creating stories about them. Most of my first stories were based on games I played with my dolls, and to this day I’ll still base a character off of one of them. I named Rose’s mother after Polly’s little sister Wendy, and Phoebe, Dianna and Peter’s cousin is named after a doll my sister had.

After we moved, our Dad helped my sister and I build our very own doll house, which we still have. Our niece uses it, along with the dolls I’ve collected over the years. I’ve been thinking of trying some cute little miniature crafts I found online, to add to our tiny town…well actually it’s expanded into several kingdoms, and the evil queen is vowing to return and rule the land.

Anyway, that turned into a bit of a random story, but I hope you’ll watch the new Polly Pocket episodes on YouTube, and I’d love it if you left a comment about your favourite toy growing up.

Introducing Polly Pocket Fab Lab!

I’m super excited about this new series! Peaches the dog is adorable, I actually used to have a Polly Pocket dog that looked just like her when I was little. I still have the majority of my Polly Pocket’s, and am a huge fan so being apart of this series and getting to work with Mattel on this show has been so much fun!

This is the first episode for the new series, and there’s more fun-sized adventures to come!

You’ll most likely see a familiar face in a very fun upcoming episode. Hehehe…

It’s my Birthday!



Sometimes I don’t feel very old…and then I feel SUPER OLD. Obviously, I’m still a youngish person, seeing as how my mom calls people my age “kids” but I pay taxes, and have life insurance and…like those were things I never had to think or care about when I was a teenager. I kind of miss not caring about my dental coverage.

Being an adult isn’t terrible. It’s not easy, but I know for a fact that I would never choose to be like 13 again. I absolutely hated being 13.

In other news, but still somewhat birthday related, today I got some really cute Vermin themed merch in the mail that I am so excited about. They’re adorable! I love them. I don’t know if my excitement is coming across as I type, but for the record my face hurts from smiling.

Speaking of books, I got another free ARC on Thursday that came with a letter from the author! I was like “WHAT? A LETTER? FOR ME?” and I read it aloud. It made me want to read the book even more. The cover is also beautiful. I’m already in love with the story, and can’t wait to share my review. I’m only on the 2nd chapter, but I already love this one character to pieces, and if anything happens to them I will cry and hug Mr. Buckwheat who, if you’ve ever seen my instagram is featured fairly often.

This is what he looks like! He’s from the show Goblin, which had a name change or something but it’s a K-Drama my sister and I were obsessed with. We have 3 of the plushies from the show. I added a bow his hair that I got from my Nana. He’s my nieces fave plushie to borrow and snuggle with when she visits me.

This month I’ve gotten a lot of great ARCs through work, so I’m totally set reading wise…although I always welcome book recommendations.

I was recently recommended the new Star Wars book series by my co-worker, and I am so excited to check them out. I haven’t read a Star Wars book since…I think it must’ve been 8th grade? I read it around the same time I was reading the Halo series books. All my buddies were super into Halo at the time, and I read the books because I didn’t have an Xbox. That…sounds so sad.

I’d like to get some work done on my manuscript before any festivities start, so I think I’ll stop my post here and get to work.

Matchbox World Tour Episode 1

It’s finally here!

I had so much fun watching this. It’s so cool seeing the episode, after imagining it in my head while recording the lines for Kayla and Emerson Felix. Seeing the teams vision come to life, and getting the opportunity to be apart of it is so cool.

I love the music, the transitions between reality and the kids imaginations. It seriously captures what it’s like to play, and how your imagination really does open up these fantastic worlds full of adventure.

I loved reading the map clues in each episode, that was always super fun. I learned some really neat new facts about places around the world! It was nice, pretending to travel all over as Kayla while recording from home.

I can’t wait to watch the next episode, and I hope everyone enjoys the show as much as I do.

Matchbox World Tour Premiers March 4th!

Hooray! I’m so excited to share this project!

Matchbox Adventures is back! Mason James is a world-famous adventurer, and his next mission will see him traveling all over the Earth to find the World’s Greatest Treasure! Follow along as Mason and his new partner Kayla go from country to country in the world’s coolest cars, completing epic challenges along the way!

I play Kayla, Mason’s big sister, along with another fun character named Emerson Felix. I’ve had so much fun playing these characters. This show is fun, exciting and the cars are super cool! I wish I was better at drawing cars haha. Kayla and Mason get so many neat cars this season, and travel all over the world!

Let the treasure hunt begin!

Ardin Patterson Joins Deyan Audio Talent

I am happy to announce that I have joined the team at Deyan Audio Talent as one of their Canadian Young Adult Narrators.

I adore reading and was ecstatic to hear from my agent that I was offered a spot on their roster.

If you click the link above, you can listen to a sample of me reading an excerpt from one of my favourite middle grade novels, Deep Down Popular. I highly recommend reading this book if you ever get the chance!

Check out 5th Grade Challenge on Audible!

“Ted, the 5th grade genius and Veronica, his arch-rival, are constantly pranking each other. When the pranks spill over and ignite a grade-wide war, the teachers organize a girls vs. boys competition.”

This is a project I’ve been working on during 2020 with author Jamaal Fridge! I absolutely loved voicing his characters and discussing his work with him. It was so much fun and such a great learning experience as both an actor and an author!

You can find the audiobook on audible and read along!