BookTuber’s to Watch

BookTube makes me so happy. It’s comforting…it completely contrasts those drama channels I end up binging. I mean, yes there is of course drama IN the books themselves and like all YouTube communities there has been a bit of discourse in the community over the years.

However, BookTube is a special place for me. I’ve seen favourites of mine cry during live stream discussions, or crack jokes about their favourite scene in a book. I’ve grown found of certain reviewers, whether it be the way they aggressively unbox things during a haul, or wrap themselves in a blanket and drink coffee while gushing over their latest read. I also love the rants and the unhauls. I didn’t even realize unhauls were a thing until recently…and I’ve been binging those too.

For this post I thought I would share a handful of BookTuber’s I enjoy.

Big City Bee

Bee has the cutest videos! I love her blooper reels and how she teases the books in her thumbnails. This here is her latest video, which is Valentine themed. She even wore read!

I like Bee’s videos because they’re just…warm and fun. I also like that they’re not too long. Bee also includes music in their videos which I love! A lot of the BookTuber’s I watch don’t include music. I find the music Bee uses really compliment the video style, and Bee’s personality! Bee also has a fantastic editing style! I’m honestly jealous of how good it is!

I also recommend checking out their bookstagram and twitter!

The Bookish Realm

The Bookish Realm is my go to for overall BookTube community discussions. Also, every time I watch one of their videos, they are sporting a really cute lipstick! I know lipstick seems like a weird thing to mention in regards to books…but I love how every booktuber I watch has this little thing that shows off their personality.

The Bookish Realm reviews a bunch of books across the board, from Middle Grade to General Fiction. I love their fantasy and YA recommendations. Especially for series. They’re also a librarian, which I think might be another reason why I love their discussions so much. They are so thoughtful and insightful when it comes to critiquing books as well as talking about ways we can improve the BookTube community! I highly recommend checking out their channel!

Connor Stompanato

The first video I watched of Connor’s they were baking a book cover inspired cake. I thought this was so cool and subscribed automatically.

I like when they do vlog type videos and also the fact that they review both classic books and books by indie authors. I don’t know a lot of BookTuber’s that highlight Indie books like Connor does. I think this is great because there is still a divide between traditional publishing and indie/self publishing. Connor highlighting indie books in his videos while also talking about traditionally published literary classics is the contrast we need!

I also recommend checking out Connor’s instagram for more book related content!

Pygmy Puff Reads

Like Bee, Pygmy Puff tends to review one book at a time. Something that I really like, as it keeps the videos a bit shorter. I recently found their channel and the first thing I noticed is that Pygmy is bubbly and fun and gives such thoughtful reviews!

I also like that they try to keep their reviews spoiler free and aren’t afraid to discuss books in relation to what’s going on in the world today.

The Redhead Reader

Sasha is The Redhead Reader, and has a cat! If you love cute little balls of fluff that is just one of the reasons you should check out their videos! I also really like how when they talk, it’s very conversational. Their reviews aren’t very long and their hauls are always fun! They’re also sweet, honest and funny.

Breakeven Books

I really love how Eric/Breakeven Books reviews Graphic Novels, which is why I selected this video. I don’t follow many BookTuber’s who recommend them as well as reviewing novels.

I also read both, so it’s refreshing to find someone else who does too.

Breakeven Books is kind, funny and gives thoughtful honest reviews on everything they read. I’ve loved watching their channel grow.

Rue’s Reading Corner

Rue also reads graphic novels and manga. As I mentioned before, I don’t find many BookTuber’s who review both so I’m always happy when I do.

Rue is bubbly, warm and enthusiastic, especially in their hauls. I’ve said this about other BookTuber’s on this list, but I like that Rue’s videos aren’t too long. I think the reason I enjoy the shorter videos is because I can watch them when I’m on break during work.

If you’re into manga and anime I definitely recommend checking out Rue’s channel!

Myonna Reads

Myonna is extremely fashionable and fun. I love her unhaul videos as much as her hauls. She’s a book collector as well as a reader and reviewer.

I like how her book space looks. It gives off a warm, comforting feel. Her videos make me want to redo a ton of my book spaces around the house. Mine are usually very messy…

Myonna’s novel reviews are really lovely, bubbly and honest.

Little Wolf

Little Wolf or Tish’s videos kind of give off this academia vibe. They remind me of when I used to sit and read in one of the campus pubs between classes while I was in university. It’s comforting…familiar.

They do more than just reviews but also have discussions on their channel, and do some themed videos as well. In this video, which was released back in June, they discuss the BookTube community. Much like Bookish Realm, they do these thoughtful video discussions with their subscribers and speak truthfully about their feelings toward the overall community.

I’ve also seen Myonna do discussion videos like these as well, which I’m truly grateful for. These discussions are important, as I believe Pygmy mentioned in their video review about Sun About Age.

I hope you’ll check out some of these BookTuber’s and take the time to check out the bigger discussions that the BookTuber community has been having, especially the discussions regarding the treatment of POC on the platform.

I want to encourage everyone to not only seek out POC voices during Black History Month and when BLM is trending, but year round. These issues and discussions are apart of peoples every day lives! Continue to seek out BIPOC authors, support BIPOC creators, businesses. Expand and educate yourself.

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