New Neighbours

If you have been following my Twitter or blog posts from a few weeks back, you will know that I was keeping tabs on the surviving eggs in the robins nest that somehow made its way into the hose connected to our dryer (yikes).

I am sad to announce that the two surviving eggs have not hatched, and from what I believe they are long past their incubation period, so it is unlikely that they will.

However, my the duck eggs that my niece’s family was watching from her uncles yard hatched, and we got to watch the video of that, and of the baby ducklings following their mother down the street (very cute).

I also learned that there is a new nest, where our robins were relocated, and according to my Nana these also seem to be robins eggs. I usually only observe from a distance, because I don’t want to disturb them, but its nice to know we have some new little neighbours…hopefully they all hatch and are healthy!

When we were younger rabbits usually made nests (if they do that?) on our friends property, and we often watched the new babies. One year they made a nest in her mother’s flower pot! It was so funny watching all the little babies running around in there. One kept jumping out of the pot, and we had to put it back.

I know that people say not to touch wild animals, and especially babies because the parents may abandon them…however, we were concerned that because it couldn’t get back into the pot, that it would get hurt or attacked by a larger animal or possibly end up stuck, so we very carefully put the little one back and scolded it for continuing to jump out immediately after.

It was almost like when my niece used to throw her sippy cup on the floor and go, “Uh oh!” as a toddler, wait for me to pick it up and then throw it again.

It seemed to amuse the baby bunny.

I hope that we’ll get to see little baby birds around. I used to love seeing them, while they were learning to fly. Over the years I can recall two or three that I watched from a distance while their parent coached them. It was honestly very cute.

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