My Favourite Moment in My Novel

Today’s task is to “Describe one of your favourite moments in the book.”

One of my favourite scenes is when my character’s go sledding together. It’s this one moment when everyone lets their guard down and genuinely enjoy each others company. It’s a nice contrast to some of the stuff that happens later on in the novel.

It’s also nice to see my older character’s being just as playful as the younger ones. Especially when they’ve been so stressed out with work (and constantly getting on each other’s nerves).

I also love that one of my favourite side character’s Connie shows up in this scene. She only makes one appearance in this book but her and her friends are really fun to write. I should draw them sometime.

I think I’ll keep this answer short because I don’t want to spoil anything! However, when the book comes out I’d love to know what your favourite scene was. Hopefully you’ll like this scene as well.

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