What is your character thankful for?

Prompt number 2 for the day is “What is your character thankful for?”

Well…everyone is thankful for something different. So let’s go down the list and see!

The following turned into random dialogue haha!

Roland: I’m thankful for my family, friends and getting a nap in today.

Peter: That’s nice. I guess I’m thankful for you and this wine.

Roland: Thanks Peter.

Dianna: What about me?

Peter: You didn’t invite me to dinner.

Roland: Speaking of which, I don’t recall inviting either of you to join us.

Peter and Dianna glance at one another and shrug.

Dianna: I suppose we just assumed, seeing as we’re always here.

Rose: Well, we’re glad to have you. What are you thankful for Caspian?

Caspian: Life.

Rose: That’s it?

Caspian: Food.

Rose: And?

Caspian: Uncle Roland.

Rose: Well, I’m thankful all of you could be here today and for this lovely meal and for my wonderful family and the fact that it was sunny today and–

Roland: Wow! That is absolutely wonderful dear. Julius what about you?

Julius: I’m thankful for bugs.

Roland: Bugs?

Julius: Uh huh. Bugs are pretty sometimes and also sometimes they’re really ugly and funny looking but I think they like turkey and so do I, so that’s why I’m thankful for them.

Roland: Right….

Dianna: Well, I’m thankful for Julius.

Nicholas: Is anyone gonna ask me what–

Caspian: No one cares.

Rose: I care. What are you thankful for?

Nicholas: I didn’t actually have anything to say…I just wanted to be asked.

Peter: You little–

Dianna: I’m also thankful for Nicholas.

Nicholas: I guess then…I’m thankful you guys actually remembered to feed me today.

Roland: Yah…we seriously need to keep better track of that.

Peter: You’d think with how often we eat, we’d remember.

Dianna: I’m so sorry Nicholas…

Nicholas: It’s not your fault I starve. The author just forgets I haven’t had a meal in 23 chapters and–

Roland: Shh…she’ll hear us.

Haha I didn’t really know what to do with this prompt. It was fun to write though. Happy Thanksgiving!

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