What are your top 5 quotes from your book?

#1: “This smells very sweet but it looks like dirt.” He looked at Rose. “Are you sure it’s okay to eat?”

#2: …no matter how he felt about her, she always managed to find a way to seep back into his thoughts. Always.

#3: “Human teeth aren’t sharp,” he remembered Micah telling him. “They’re dull like an unsharpened blade. Can’t cut anything.”

#4: “What is wrong with an educational read?” Roland snapped.

“They turn your brain to mush.” Rose teased. “That’s why my teacher is so boring and dull.”

#5: “It’s pretty hard to kill a man if you know his name.”

These are my top 5. At least for now! I have other’s that I really like but I don’t want to use anything that might be considered a spoiler. Rose’s comment about the books makes me laugh every time. That’s from the first chapter. She’s the type of person who would rather read than do homework.

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